UK NEQAS CD34+ Stem Cell Enumeration Educational Trial

As an addition to the UK NEQAS CD34+ Stem Cell Enumeration programme we are issuing an Educational trial for this programme (CD34: EDUA).


To access the data entry form for this trial please select the following link:


This trial is purely electronic and will assess the ability of laboratories to analyse standardised FCS files. This will allow for identification of analytical issues that may not be identified as part of the full programme.


Identical sets of FCS files are available for download as compressed files (.zip) from the following sites:

Dropbox -

Google Drive -


The FCS files used for this exercise are derived from UK NEQAS LI stabilised samples. There are no patient identifiers and the samples are fully anonymised.


Should you have any difficulty downloading the files please contact UK NEQAS LI immediately so that we can investigate and find a solution. You will NOT need an account with Dropbox or Google to download the files, please ignore any such prompts and proceed directly to file download.


The FCS files were acquired on a BD FACSCanto II flow cytometer, using a single platform technique to allow for ansolute cell count generation (TRUCount). Please note that there is no viability dye staining in this sample. Whilst this methodology may differ from that used by some participants we feel that analysis of the FCS files will be achievable and beneficial for all. It is intended that future electronic trials will feature FCS files acquired on different machines using alternative absolute counting methodologies.


Important information: Whilst performance statistics will be generated for this exercise these will be for information purposes only. As such there is no penalty for non-return of results and no centre will be classified as a persistent unstatisfactory performer on the basis of any data returned for CD34:EDUA.


If you have any questions regarding this trial, or any other issues please contact

Changes to z score Limits

As a result of an internal review, we have taken the decision to adjust the performance monitoring limits for quantitative programmes.

These will be rolled out on an ongoing basis until all such quantitative programmes are amended.

Listed below are the current quantitative programmes where the changes have been made.  This will be updated as and when changes to any programmes are made and show the trial and date when the changes came into effect.


Programme Trial Effective From
BCR-ABL1 Major Quantification        161702 13/09/2016
Post SCT Chimerism Monitoring        161703 26/10/2016
Low Level Leucocyte Enumeration        161708 16/01/2017
CD34+ Stem Cell Enumeration        161705 23/01/2017

Immune Monitoring Alternative Technologies

161705 24/01/2017
Minimal Residual Disease for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia        161704 24/01/2017
Immune Monitoring        161705 30/01/2017
Pilot Minimal Residual Disease in AML     161703  07/02/2017
Pilot Minimal Residual Disease in CLL        161703 13/02/2017
Leukaemia Immunophenotyping (Part 1)        161705 21/02/2017


The changes to the performance limits detailed below will be applicable to all quantitative programmes appearing in the above list unless otherwise specified.

• A result between 2.5 and -2.5 will now be classed as satisfactory

• A result between >2.5 and 3.5 or <-2.5 and -3.5 will be classed as an 'Action’ result. An ‘Action’ category highlights a potential issue to the laboratory and indicates that the laboratory should review. Two ‘Action’ results in a period of 3 samples would result in classification as a ‘Critical’

• A result above 3.5 or below -3.5 is considered to be a ‘critical’ result requiring immediate investigation by the laboratory

Please note that if you are a UK-based laboratory the relevant National Quality Assurance Advisory Panel will be automatically notified when a Critical level of performance is assigned. Non-UK laboratories are not notified to UK NQAAP’s.

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UK NEQAS for Leucocyte Immunophenotyping (UK NEQAS LI) now has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. We will be posting important messages to these accounts relating to our schemes so please like or follow us, respectively.

We hope that these feeds will act as a useful eductational resource for participants and collaborators alike, collating interesting papers, conference info, videos and news stories in haemato-oncology. As we develop our online presence we hope to publish some of our own educational content. If you have any feedback or ideas as to content you would like us to include, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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