Sustainability Commitment

At UK NEQAS LI we believe that sustainability is a journey and are committed where possible to reducing climate change and its impacts by implementing sustainable practices across our operations.


To date the following measures have been implemented to help improve both operational performance and minimise the environmental impact.


  • Continue where possible to support online meetings and webinars to reduce our carbon footprint.


  • Reducing the frequency of sample distributions to distributors therefore reducing packaging and courier services.


  • Transitioning to more sustainable packaging for shipping. 


  • Implementing electronic promotional material to reduce paper waste.


  • Continue to improve efficiency on our premises by introducing energy efficiency measures and encouraging behavioural change. 


  • Aim for continual improvement to lessen our impact on the environment.


  • Continue to work with our partner companies to ensure sustainability is built into everyday practices.


  • Minimising waste by reducing, recycling and reusing.  


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