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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, a UKAS proficiency testing provider No. 7804, operating UK NEQAS for Leucocyte Immunophenotyping.


Full details of accredited programmes can be found on the schedule of accreditation here.


For developing and pilot programmes once the viability of the programme has been established a scoring system will be developed to monitor performance and accreditation will be sought.


Closing Date and Result Entry


The majority of programmes use a dedicated web site for results submission and report download. Upon registration you will receive a set of web user details to enable you to log on to enter results.


All results for programmes using online data entry must be submitted via the UK NEQAS LI internet data entry system within the specified closing date.


For all programmes it is important that you adhere to the specified closing date. Unfortunately failure to return results by this date may result in your laboratory being penalised.


If you foresee problems returning results within the deadline or you have trouble entering your results online then please contact UK NEQAS LI directly (via the contact us page) and we will assist you. 


Subcontracting of Services


The pre issue testing of samples for some programmes is subcontracted, although the final decision about sample suitability lies with the EQA provider; no other activities in relation to UK NEQAS LI EQA exercises are subcontracted. Details of programmes where pre issue testing is subcontracted can be found on the individual programme pages on the website. When subcontracting occurs it is placed with a competent subcontractor and the proficiency testing provider is responsible for this work. 


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