BCR::ABL1 Major Quantification (Accredited)

Real time Quantitation Polymerase Chain Reaction (RQ-PCR) for the BCR::ABL1 transcript is a vital tool in the monitoring of BCR::ABL1 positive leukaemia patients receiving Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI) therapy. The IRIS study shows that a Major Molecular Response in BCR::ABL1 levels, equivalent to 0.1% on the International reporting Scale (IS), equates to better overall outcome. European Leukaemia Net (ELN) guidelines classify optimal response to treatment as the achievement of MMR by 18 months.


In this programme participants are provided with lyophilised cell-lines for quantitative BCR::ABL1 analysis. Participants are asked to submit quantitative results, either as % BCR::ABL1/reference gene or % BCR::ABL1/reference gene on the international scale (IS) together with details of the methodology. Instructions for the storage, reconstitution and use of the lyophilised samples are included with the samples. Three send-outs are issued per annum, with each send-out consisting of two samples.


Trials for this programme are live/open for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Please Note: Trials issued/closing in August or December are extended by 1 week.

An automated email is sent 2 days prior to the trial closing, to any participant that has not returned results, warning them of the trial closure date. 


Fusion Gene Nomenclature - Latest Update 

Following the recent publication of the HUGO Gene Nomenclature committee (HGNC) consensus statement regarding fusion gene nomenclature (Bruford et al. 2021), UK NEQAS LI are working to implement use of the double colon (::) for the description of fusion genes (e.g. BCR::ABL1). Historical nomenclature (e.g. BCR-ABL1) may persist in some areas of our website and documentation for an interim period due to IT constraints.


Bruford EA, et al. HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC) recommendations for the designation of gene fusions. Leukemia. 2021 


Pre-issue and post-closure testing of samples for this programme is subcontracted, although the final decision about sample suitability lies with the EQA provider; no other activities in relation to this EQA programme are subcontracted.




To register for this programme, please click here.

Xpert BCR::ABL Ultra UK NEQAS LI Protocol v4.0
Xpert BCR ABL Ultra UK NEQAS LI MAJOR v4[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [394.8 KB]
Example BCR::ABL1 Major Quantification Single Sample z-score Report
BCRQ 232401 Report Example.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [548.1 KB]
BCR::ABL1 Major Quantification Performance Monitoring System
BCR ABL1 Major Quantification Performanc[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [6.7 MB]
BCRQ 242501 Cover Sheet
BCRQ 242501 coverletter.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [100.2 KB]

UK NEQAS LI facilitates access to the Cepheid maintained document(s), which includes guidance on the recommended sample preparation process protocol for our lyophilised EQA/PT material, for the convenience of participants utilising the Cepheid GeneXpert system.   By hosting such information on our website, UK NEQAS LI are in no way endorsing the use of any particular assay kit/reagent, method, platform or technology.  

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